Wholesale Pumpkins by the Bin

We offer pumpkins by the bin and are happy to provide quality pumpkins whether you need one bin or hundreds! We offer bulk pricing if you purchase 10+ bins. 

For more information on the varieties, see descriptions below and please reach out if you have any questions. 

Pick-up location for wholesale pumpkins is:

For more information on delivery or pick up, contact Thomas at (434)-238-3579. 

**Our retail location is still offering pick-your-own pumpkins!


We grow corn for grain that is marketed to poultry production facilities in the Shenandoah Valley. All our crops are grown using no-till practices. Growing a variety of crops allows us to rotate the crop grown on each field from year to year which helps with weed, pathogen, and pest management! 


We grow soybeans that are sold to the commodity market near the coast or wherever demand is. Soybeans are a legume which means we have the added benefit of nitrogen being put back into the soil for the next crop and incorporating a different type of plant in our rotation!