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Henry Fitzgerald (President)

Henry is the founder of Fitzgerald Farms, LLC.  His formal education is in Horticulture with a degree from Virginia Tech, but Henry has been exposed to and a part of farming since he was a toddler working with and learning from his father in the orchard industry in Nelson County.  He has always shown an interest in agriculture and now enjoys long days working efficiently and honestly to find methods that are best for the most extraordinary pumpkins, hearty corn, superior soybeans, the land, his neighbors, and the future of his his family.

Thomas Fitzgerald

Thomas has always enjoyed working on the farm. His sometimes very long days include planting, harvesting, mechanical work, and as most farmers know, anything else that needs to be done. He enjoys the outdoors, contributing to his community, and especially time with his family.

Lydia Fitzgerald

Lydia helps with farm responsibilities including performing internal audits of complex business processes and effectively reporting on the results, acts as a liaison with auditing processes, identifies areas for improvement and implements needed changes, and performs any other duties as needed on the farm. She seems to always be multi-tasking with a smiling face.


Fitzgerald Fitzgerald

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