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Time to plant the corn!Beautiful day for corn plantingFun times at workFarmingIt's beginning to look a lot like pumpkin seasonOur first official customer (and new friends) of out 2015 retail pumpkin season.  Thank you for your visit and for making memories with your pumpkin tradition with us.Corn growin in July 2014Watering the fieldsRain coming over the mountains towardsPumpkin Growers' Meetingmaking pumpkin binsrow of pumpkinsSmall gourdPumpkin DaySnack time on Opening DayLoading the truckChecking the binsPumpkin loadingapproaching a fieldsoon this field will be full of orangeA red leaf...Sherando LakeThe corn is growning - thanks for the rain!Unrolled sodHelping put down sod :)Helping put down sod :)Unloading sodUnloading sodSodding around treeSodding yardPutting down sodcornsodpumpkinsThe Robin announces Spring is on the waySnow on the birdhouseSnow coming across the mountainpumpkin manchecking the cropSnoopspumpkin fruit 7 days after bloompumpkin fruit 4 days after bloompumpkin fruit 3 days after bloompumpkin bloom up closepumpkin blooma pumpkin bloom 4 weeks after being plantedFarm view in Nelson County, Virginiathe crewhaving fun in the mountainspicnic in the rainHow many pumpkins are in the bin?SightseeingCandaceShow and tell with the pigsLeeland's first visit to the pumpkin patchDallas with his favorite pumpkinpumpkins in field October 2012
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