Retail Visit - helpful hints

10 hints to enhance your farm visit -

1) Remember this is a real working farm.  The real deal.  The pumpkins are growing on vines in the soil.  You will get dirty.  Your shoes will get dirty.  Weather may cause dust, mud, or both.  Do you need water?  It can be very hot or very cold the day you visit.  Plan accordingly.

2) The pumpkins are beautiful.  You will want to take pictures.

3) Yes, the pumpkins still on the vines are still growing.  Be respectful of the vines and leaves and let them live if you aren’t going to take that one home.

4) If you do want one, you will have to break or cut the vine, ask for help or wear gloves – the vines are prickly.

5) Pumpkins are heavier than you think.  Yes, the larger ones weigh more.

6) Take your time.  Enjoy the pumpkins.  We purchase and plant a variety of pumpkin seeds each year - different colors, different weights, different dimensions, different shapes, and then, they each grow a little differently.  Which are your favorites?

7) Watch your step as you are walking.  Farms have animals that dig holes, there are rocks, and the pumpkin vines must be stepped over because they don’t give.  Always be aware of your surroundings.  Watch children at all times and be aware of traffic surrounding the farm.

8) Pumpkins make beautiful decorations for the fall through Thanksgiving.  We even enjoy painting them and making Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.  (Visualize a pumpkins snowman or larger than life Christmas tree ornaments.)

9) Is it ok to put a pumpkin with a little soil on it into your vehicle?  If not, maybe bring something to put your pumpkin on in the car.

10) If you have any questions, we love to talk about the pumpkins!

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