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Posted 4/3/2014 3:02pm by KFitzgerald.

Now that the calendar says that Spring has arrived and we have had more than two days with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, the farm work will transition from upkeep, maintenance, repair, and cost estimating (not to mention taxes) to scouting the land, planning crops, fertilizing, and planting.

Posted 9/3/2013 4:37pm by KFitzgerald.

It may have been Labor Day for most, but here where the pumpkins have been kissed by mountain sunshine and watered by rain, pumpkin season has begun!


The day started early including family, friends, and the pumpkin team who hand selected and prepared the pumpkins for the fall 2013.  Lunches had been packed the night before, trucks scheduled the week before, and sunscreen was in order for the day.


Among the beautiful large deep orange pumpkins, fun medium pumpkins, cute pie pumpkins, and variety of specialty pumpkins, we are growing a wonderful, colorful selection of gourds this year!


As the sun set and trucks drove away to deliver the first pumpkins to bring smiles to all ages, the family, friends, and pumpkin team headed home for food, rest, baths, and to reflect on a beautiful blue sky, fresh air and a job well done.  


Thanks to you, Pumpkin Team!

Posted 8/16/2013 12:40pm by KFitzgerald.

Yesterday my daughter and I took the dogs for a beautiful walk and enjoyed a visit to Sherando Lake. After quite a drive over what I can only describe as a crooked route over Campbell's Mountain, we were rewarded with what the locals have been enjoying all summer. The lake was beautiful, the temperature was perfect, and the atmosphere was wonderful.  The smell of charcoal prepping for burgers drifted over the area, and the campground had quite a few smiling faces. My daughter noticed a red leaf on the trail that had recently fallen, and with these cool temperatures a little earlier than usual, I plan to squeeze as much into the rest of my summer as I can while the pumpkins are growing, the corn is getting taller, and the sod is taking root and staying green with the warm days, cool nights, and rain that has been coming down.

We really enjoyed this clean, friendly, beautiful facility on a cool early August afternoon in the mountains!  

Posted 7/31/2013 10:50am by KFitzgerald.

need I say more?

Posted 2/22/2013 5:40pm by KFitzgerald.

I've noticed something this winter that I've never noticed before.  I love cardinals.  No, that's not new news.  I noticed about a half dozen cardinals swarming in and out of our red maple tree eating from the bird feeder just as it started to snow a few weekends ago.  I grabbed my camera and began snapping pictures.  They were beautiful.  Stark red creatures against the brown tree, beige grass, gray sky, and white snow flakes. 

The next Saturday, at home in the kitchen, as the snow started to fall, here come the cardinals again.  Out comes the camera, and the beauty of the red birds in nature was only slightly captured with my camera.

I think I see a pattern here.  When these beautiful birds start gathering, the ground will be covered with snow.  I never heard that from my mom, aunt or grandma growing up.  But, guess what?  This past Saturday, I saw a big, brown chested Robin in the tree.  I know what that means.  The snow will stop soon here in Virginia, because Spring is on the way.  Fertilizing, planting, and longer, warmer days are on the way.  I have noticed that before.