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Posted 1/21/2021 5:50pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

cold January day

January blue skies as we began the day... corn and soybean season continues even in the cold

Posted 12/31/2020 4:01pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

Thank you for your patronage, especially during this past year. Thank you to each of you for your support, and thank you for making a difference to our farm. We appreciate our customers, our vendors, and each and every person's contribution along the way. Here's to 2021!

Posted 9/20/2020 8:07pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

Please contact us at or 434-906-1362 to order your wholesale pumpkins 

Posted 7/23/2020 8:36pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

It's late July, and the pumpkins are growing. While we are in the middle of these high temperatures and thankful for the sunshine, we look forward to the fall and pumpkin season. We hope that you and yours will consider including pumpkin celebrations and traditions with family, friends, and neighbors with pumpkin decorating, pumpkin painting, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed roasting, and new pumpkin recipes.  


Posted 3/18/2020 7:50pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

Just wanted to let everyone know we can be reached by office 434-277-8047 phone or cell 434-906-1362. We continue to be out on the farms daily and in the shops and will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your patronage. Please take care.

Posted 12/26/2019 8:14pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

Posted 8/20/2019 1:56pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

Hello fellow pumpkin aficionados, it's that time of year! The pumpkins are growing and getting ready for you to enjoy! Although the temperatures are very hot right now, the pumpkins are enjoying the sunshine and waiting for the cooler evenings.

Please contact us for wholesale pumpkin orders, delivery schedules, and any questions -, 434-906-1362, or 434-277-8047

Thank you!

Posted 5/4/2019 2:36pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

Posted 3/18/2019 7:05pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

Days on the farm are finally getting longer with the time change, and we are blessed to hear the birds singing again! The equipment maintenance is progressing, seeds have been chosen for the next round of planting, and the sun is getting warmer. The first official day of Spring falls on Wednesday, March 20, and the daffodils are already saying it is time!

Posted 1/20/2019 3:17pm by Fitzgerald Farms.

As this hectic year begins, we are busy with preventive maintenance, reviewing numbers, making decisions on the upcoming season, and adjusting for all of this rain, snow, and cold! We are thankful for another year ahead! Hope you and yours are enjoying 2019!

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