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Fitzgerald Farms was founded by our father, Henry, who started the farm in 1991. He grew up working alongside his family at Fitzgerald's Orchard in Lowesville, VA. After college he decided to come back and start his own business in Nelson. He worked to expand his operation and build the farm alongside his family. Over the years the farm has produced pumpkins, corn for grain, soybeans, sweet corn, specialty pumpkins, sod, sunflowers, and garden crops! All of the children have helped greatly over the years but Thomas followed in his father's footsteps to work on the farm full time after high school. He has managed the grain production side of the farm for the past 10 years and is heavily involved in all aspects of the operation. Our family has been involved in agriculture for over 5 generations and our prayer is that God will continue to bless us and future generations to have the opportunity to raise crops and our families in the beautiful mountains of Nelson County.

Our Family

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History of the Farm and Henry's Legacy

Our family has a rich agriculture history that is rooted in the mountains of Nelson County. Henry grew up working in a third-generation apple orchard in the mountains of Nelson and Amherst County. His agricultural  upbringing cultivated his love for growing crops. He started out growing pumpkins and then decided to attend Virginia Tech where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture. He returned to Nelson County to expand his operation. He raised pumpkins, corn, soybeans, sweet corn, and a host of other crops alongside his seven children. Much of the farmland was and still is rented across Nelson County. He grew the farm to almost 1,300 acres thanks to the help of Thomas, his oldest son. Thomas has been helping make things happen around the farm since he could walk! They farmed together with the help of the rest of the family for the last 25 years. In May of 2022 Henry passed away but his legacy, the farm, and love for growing things continues to live on through the family. Thomas has transitioned to owner and operator of the farm along with his own family. Henry was very innovative and always trying new things. He was conscious of being a good steward of the land and God's creation which is evident by the practices implemented on the farm including no-till, cover crops, crop rotation, and many other innovative and conservation oriented practices. 

Our goal is to honor his legacy by continuing to grow crops, strengthen our community, and cultivate a love for God and agriculture in our family through our work on the farm. 

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