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While we are always open for communication, sales are seasonal.  Retail pumpkin sale hours will be posted when available.  "Quality wholesale corn, pumpkins and soybeans since 1991."  ... Read More >>

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Pumpkin Bloom

Posted by Fitzgerald Farms :: Wednesday, August 8 :: 8:40am

Not only are the baby pumpkins growing, there are new blooms each morning! So vibrant, and we are thankful! Check out our photo gallery for other photos from the farm!  ...

Wholesale and retail pumpkins orders 2018

Posted by Fitzgerald Farms :: Thursday, August 2 :: 9:41am

So, the 2018 pumpkin season is well under way! Pumpkins are planted, pumpkins are blooming, and pumpkins are growing. Pumpkins and gourds are on schedule for celebrating the autumn season! Please contact us via email, phone, fax, or text with any questions as you prepare your wholesale and/or retail...

Pumpkin, corn and soybean farming in the Spring

Posted by Fitzgerald Farms :: Monday, April 2 :: 5:14pm

It's that time of year again. After spending the winter cleaning, repairing, organizing, doing preventive maintenance, ordering seeds, planning, reviewing sales (and costs), and preparing for a new crop season, it is almost time to change gears. As Henry likes to remind us, "If a farmer is truly bl...